Silentnight Memory Pocket 1000 Spirit Mattress


Silentnight Memory Pocket 1000 Spirit Mattress

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

The Memory Pocket 1000 Spirit brings together all the benefits of memory with the tailored support of 1000 pocket springs to create mattress which truly responds to your individual body shape and weight. The highly responsive memory foam layer adds an additional level of comfort which moulds your body’s natural shape, providing excellent pressure relief in the process.

The Memory Pocket 1000 Spirit is also much more breathable than regular memory foam mattresses, resulting in a cooler and fresher sleep experience. This is possible because of the modern breathable borders of the mattress, which allows you to stay cool while still benefiting from the reactive nature of memory foam.

The Mirapocket spring system provides excellent support as each individually nested spring reacts independently to support your body to just the right level. This delivers great weight distribution and makes the most of the available sleep area. This system also comes with zonal support which has been scientifically proven to help you achieve perfect spinal alignment.

This mattress is single sided, so it has been designed to deliver long-lasting support without the need to be turned. It has also been treated with natural Purotex probiotic for a more hygienic and allergen-free sleeping surface.

  • Memory Foam
  • 1000 Mirapocket Springs
  • Zonal Support
  • Medium/Firm
  • Purotex anti-allergen treated
  • Single Sided

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