Sealy Hybrid Geltex Harmony 1500

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

All of the Sealy Hybrid models stand out in a bed showroom as being something special. The choice of fabrics; three-tone colour coded mattress; flat, non-tufted, patterned sleeping surface and optional matching headboards scream out both quality and comfort.

The mattress has a very stylish design to it. Taping that generally runs around the top edge has been removed to allow for a sleeker look and the three visible fabrics used within the cover provide a mattress that ties well to it’s matching base whilst giving a very clean, comfortable look.

The base is a generic Sealy base, that is very well constructed and comes available in a number of fabrics. Chrome details have been used to add to the styling and keep the contemporary look running through whilst chrome gliders have been added instead of castors to provide a system that not only looks good but can be used on both carpeted and solid flooring,

How is the Hybrid Harmony 1500 with Geltex Built?

The fabrics used in the Hybrid Harmony 1500 all have a feel of quality. The taped edges, stitching and finish to the fabric has been done to a very high standard whilst the base, as with all Sealy bases, has been constructed and finished extremely well.

One of the biggest elements to add to the build quality of the bed is with regards to the Unicase system. With many pocket spring mattresses, but not all, the edge tends to have a soft feel due to the weight of the person being concentrated in one area. Sitting on the edge this way can ruin mattresses very quickly, causing the edges to sag and lose shape. The Unicase system, however, works like a fortified wall running the full perimeter of the mattress keeping everything in shape whilst boxing in the springs and providing a robust edge. This simple yet effective system has the potential to increase the lifespan of the mattress and provide a much larger (edge to edge) sleeping area.

The Harmony 1500, as the name suggests, houses 1500 individual pocket springs and 6cm of Geltex. As this is the base model in the range other models may have a higher spring count, a thicker layer of Geltex or even both.

How does the Hybrid Harmony 1500 with Geltex Feel?

The Harmony 1500 has a very interesting feel, unlike most other beds currently on the market. The first thing you notice when you sit on the mattress is the firm edge the Unicase system provides. This can be beneficial to many, especially people with issues manoeuvring, as the mattress supports you rather than letting you disappear.

Once on you can immediately feel the benefits of the Geltex top. With a similar feel to latex, the Geltex provides a very supportive feel that doesn’t make you feel as if any of your body is under pressure. You kind of feel a push back from the bed. It doesn’t have the slow response times of memory foam and is reported to be much cooler to sleep on. Under the Geltex resides 1500 pocket springs which have been divided up into seven different zones of firmness, although this isn’t obvious, the firm support they provide is very appealing to many as you seemingly get a perfect mix of firmness and softness. Sealy officially classes the Harmony 1500 as a Medium/Firm tension mattress. This means it is on the firmer side of medium, it is in no way a firm mattress.

As somebody who was never a fan of memory foam, even though many people love it, I was sceptical about Geltex, the whole idea of foam and gel didn’t quite appeal. I was however very surprised by how comfortable it was. It seems to give you the benefits of memory foam whilst managing to feel like a more traditional mattress. Even though Geltex is a material that is gel infused, it mustn’t be confused with what we typically imagine as a gel, to feel it is closer to a foam.

The Hybrid collection from Sealy also includes Sealy’s Smart Fibres provide a Cool, Fresh, Dry and Hypoallergenic sleeping environment.

The Sealy Hybrid Harmony 1500 is an exceptional mattress with a very high build quality. The combination of older technologies such as pocket springing and modern technologies such as the Unicase system and Geltex has managed to make a mattress that is desirable to those seeking traditional and those seeking modern.

It has an incredibly comfortable feel and may well be the perfect solution if you are a couple who prefers different tensions. The price does sit a little high for many but it’s a price tag that can be justified by the brand, build quality and technology.

The Divan Base

The base on the Harmony 1500 is the high quality expected from Sealy. It comes in a range of beautiful fabrics and storage options which are finished off with subtle chrome effect feet and trims around the drawer openings.

  • 1500 pocket springs
  • Geltex Layer
  • Luxury knitted fabric with Sealy Smart Fibres and Adaptive
  • No turn mattress

Listed spring counts are based on a king size spring unit (measuring 5ft x 6ft 6in /150cm x 200cm). The number of springs will alter on a pro-rata basis dependent on mattress size and spring unit surface area.

Reviews Reviews
(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Sealy Hybrid Geltex Harmony 1500

  1. John Walsh

    Absolutely fabulous, I get a full nights sleep, the mattress Is firm and really comfortable. highly recommended.

  2. Mrs Leggat

    This Is an Incredibly comfortable mattress and I am so pleased I chose It. on first try, sitting down on It, I felt It was very unusual and maybe too squishy. however, lying on my side on It Is a dream. my hips are so comfortable. after 6 months of using It, I can confirm this Is the most comfortable mattress I have ever used. thoroughly recommend.

  3. Mrs Kirk

    Simply fantastic! this Is the 2nd sealy hybrid pocket serenity 1400 – 1 double and now a king mattress we have purchased In last 18 months. I have chronic health Issues, which will not get better, however with this new sealy I wake up feeling less sore, achy & stiff. only problem Is mattress Is so deep base fitted sheet doesn’t fit too well – oh well will have to go shopping! highly recommend!

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