Salus Derwent 1850 Mattress

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

About the Mattress:

The Derwent 1850 Mattress is a fantastic addition to the Prestige Beds Range. This bed is a 1850 pocket sprung mattress which is beneficial to your bed because the pocket springs can work independently of each other they are able to shape to your body perfectly therefore supporting your body throughout and reducing the overall movement of the mattress by evenly distributing your weight, meaning you and a partner can have a calmer night’s sleep. Also, this mattress features a layer which is a pressure reliving cool top comfort layer which allows you to have the benefits of pressure relief of chronic spine and back pain as well as a cooling touch to the mattress.

Within these layers, Salus included specific sleep technologies. One of these is their own Engineered Protection Surround System (EPS), which allows the springs in the mattress to be ‘locked in’ ensuring that your sleeping surface is at its maximum potential including the very edge so you know that you’re getting the maximum tension and comfort right up the edge. Within the mattress, your layers have also been built around a special technology called ‘adaptive

Adaptive technology is a dynamic treatment, built to keep you cool and dry while you sleep every night. This will then help your sleeping patterns to constantly and gradually improve them as time goes on while it responds to moisture and temperature, therefore creating a cool and dry environment when evaporation is increased inside. By regulating the temperature of your mattress, you know that every night’s sleep will be ambient and restful.

Another technology has also been built into the sumptuous quilted cover called Scensic. Scensic is a sensational technology that is built around the premise of having that constant smell of fresh linen, with its microcapsule technology, your sure to enhance your senses with a fresh and subtle aroma to create an amazing sense of well-being.

Overall, with a Viscool mattress, you are gaining the unique features of blends of sustainable natural raw materials such as soybean oil and natural balms which all help you to experience deeper and more restful sleep. This has then been combined with an open cell structure which has been designed to guarantee you a higher level of moisture evaporation so that you can stay fresher while you sleep as well as breathability so that your bed is staying aerated, keeping out unwanted temperatures.

As well as this, to ensure that you can buy in confidence, Salus’ beds all meet the National Bed Federation’s standards. Also, for extra peace of mind, this mattress is guaranteed for a full 10 years, making your sleep more worry-free.


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