Relyon Harlequin Headboard

Harlequin Headboard
Harlequin Headboard
Relyon harlequin headbord 2

Relyon Harlequin Headboard

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About the Headboard:

The Harlequin Headboard by Relyon is a fantastic addition to the prestige beds range. This bed features a stunning traditional style by following with a deeply inset pleat stitching button design. This headboard is floor standing so you know that your beautiful headboards design will run right to the bottom of your base. Also, this headboard is available in a range of colours and sizes to choose from so we can find the style that suits your needs.

  • Traditional Style Headboard
  • Deep Inset Buttons
  • Pleated stitching
  • Fabrics and Colours available

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Bed Fixing Headboard, Extra Height Headboard

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