Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress

(3 customer reviews)
Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress
Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress
Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress 2

Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress


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(3 customer reviews)
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The Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress offers a more luxurious experience than the regular Harmony mattress. This mattress uses Mlily’s soft-spring M series in one single layer, which diffuses pressure for a softer level of comfort.

The Harmony 2000 Mattress is less firm than the regular Harmony, and is slightly shallower than the Harmony 3000. This allows the mattress to provide the ideal sleep surface for those who want a balance between comfort and firmness.

You can also make use of the entire surface space of this mattress, as the border is specially designed to provide support, which maximises the available sleep area.

Product Attributes:

  1. Mlily Gel-Memory Layers – The Comfort Memory foam in this mattress have been expertly combined with Cooling Gel. This creates an advanced layering system which is both cool and breathable, whilst also adapting to your unique body shape.
  2. Flex Comfort Foam – An additional layer of Mlily’s Flex Comfort Foam is included on top of the two layers of gel-memory foam. This makes for a much heightened level of comfort.
  3. Pocket Springs – This mattress also comes with 2000 of Mlily’s soft series M-springs,  in addition to the layers of memory foam. These pocket springs have been carefully layered in to increase its performance.
  4. Airtech Border  The Airtech border has aerodynamic properties which allow it to maintain a consistent airflow through the mattress. This makes the mattress much cooler and prevents you from overheating, allowing you to fall asleep more easily. The specially molded joints in this border allow it to maintain an even level of support across the whole mattress. This maximises the available sleep surface, from the very centre right up to the edges.
  5. Flex Support Foam – To top it off, one final layer of Mlily’s Flex Support Foam has been added to provide an additional level of support. This helps your body to recover more quickly and easily, while allowing you to achieve a deep, sound sleep.

Reviews Reviews
(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Mlily Harmony 2000 Mattress

  1. John Crossley

    No backaches since getting this bed. Love it.

  2. Max Anderson

    Bought this on the internet without actually trying it. Chose purely on a recommendation by Prestige. Customer service was brilliant and delivery went to plan- thank you.

  3. B Hawcock

    Nice comfortable matt

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