MiBed Orford Adjustable Divan Set


MiBed Orford Adjustable Divan Set

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

MiBed’s Orford adjustable set is designed to provide you with comfort at your control. The hand-tufted mattress features pure Latex on a bed of 12000 pocket springs producing a sublime level of comfort and support. This mattress is of a medium comfort.

The 50mm pure latex within this mattress contours to the body and supports the natural alignment of the spine. The latex helps the mattress achieve the optimal sleeping temperature as well as moisture control. Latex is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and dust mite resistant making you sleep even more hygienic. Latex is also an incredibly durable material making it a great addition to this mattress.

1200 Pocket Spring unit within the Orford mattress promotes natural alignment of the spine, ensuring your weight is evenly distributed and reducing the amount of strain put on your body. Pocket springs also help the amount of air circulation within your mattress keeping it a comfortable temperature to sleep.

The Orford is now hand-tufted with soft fabric tufts, this offers you greater support.

the Mattress is covered in a Viscose cover for a softer touch and has a non-slip base panel to help keep the mattress. in place no matter the position.

The Adjustable base features 5 part motorised adjustable frame, this offers unique customisable support to different areas of the body which can help relieve minor aches and pains.  Having an adjustable base can also promote better circulation and improved posture for its user.

The Orford’s base includes a Multi-slat motorised system that adapts to extended pressure offering improved back support. It also facilitates even distribution of pressure which can help to improve blood circulation. Gaps allow for air to pass freely beneath the bed which in turn keeps your mattress fresher for longer.

An added level of customisation to your support comes in the form of sliders for tension adjustment on the Orford’s adjustable base. This allows the user to set the amount of support to meet their unique preferences in the lumbar region.


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