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Harrison Stockholm 18600 Mattress / Divan Set


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The Stockholm from Harrison is a fantastic addition to our extensive range with these amazing partners. The Stockholm Mattress is relatively new to our range but it showcases the best of this UK manufacturing company. The Stockholm is a 18600 spring count mattress that has been perfectly handcrafted to showcase the best of craftsmanship in the UK thanks to its brand new spring technology.

Cortec is a groundbreaking spring technology being used right now by Harrison. This technology is focused around its premise of being glue-free meaning that your bed is even less chemical free thanks to its heat seal technology. Cortec is the world’s first 100% recyclable pocket spring unit, delivering a new time for comfort technology with their patented system of superfine high-tensile wire springs. These spring all use a smaller, finer, more tightly coiled spring, with more individual points of contact for greater contour accuracy and precision meaning your comfort is going to be exactly at the level you need it.

Although this bed may feature groundbreaking technology, this bed really doesn’t have to scrimp on its springs. Each spring inside your Harrison mattress will be an HD 4000 titanium alloy spring meaning that not only do you have the amazing technology from your Cortec springs but also these springs will be made with titanium, one of the highest quality springs in the industry.

Inside this mattress, you will find some of the highest grade fillings in the industry. From blends to 100% natural fillings these fillings are all handpicked especially for this mattress to ensure you experience maximum comfort and breathability throughout. You will find Wool Viscose Blend, Egyptian Cotton, Alpaca & Kapok blend, Wool & Hemp Blend throughout this mattress. With some of the best features from each of these fillings being their durability. The durability from all of these fillings is at the highest of standard, meaning you are guaranteed to never want to sleep on any other mattress again. As well as this, you will find a lot of these fillings have the amazing quality of being extremely breathable and extra temperature regulating. This means no matter whether you are a hot sleeper or get extra cold at night, this bed will be sure to keep you at that perfect sleeping temperature thanks to these natural fillings.

This amazing mattress is also paired alongside a fantastic Harrison Divan base. you can choose from a range of divan bases from our sleep experts. call us up today so they can guide you to which divan base will be best for you in terms of height, width, drawers, feet and more. This way we can sleep better knowing that you have bought your new dream Harrison bed.

You can find this mattress online with us here at Prestige Beds, just call up today to get your quote.

  • Natural & Chemfree Mattress Cover
  • Pillow Top – Often considered a sign of luxury in a mattress with pillow-top mattresses being used in many luxury hotels. The pillow top offers an additional layer of comfort sat on top of the mattress, providing additional softness and support to the mattress.
  • No Turn – No need to flip this mattress, simply rotate head to toe to extend the life of the mattress.
  • Wool – A popular natural filling for its soft, springy and naturally supportive qualities. Wool is also proficient at wicking away moisture helping to regulate body temperature, keeping you warm and dry as you sleep. It is also antibacterial, anti-static and its inherent fire retardant meaning there’s no need to use chemicals
  • Egyptian Cotton – With its superior fine strands Egyptian cotton gives a much softer, more luxurious feel, it’s also incredibly absorbent and more durable. This breathable material allows for better temperature control as air can pass through it easily keeping you cool and dry on hot stuffy nights.
  • Alpaca – Known for its softness Alpaca is even softer than sheep’s wool, the luxuriously soft material is both durable and naturally hypoallergenic. Alpaca fleece also consists of excellent moisture-wicking properties.
  • Kapok – An incredibly soft and silky fibre otherwise known as tree silk. This light and lustrous fibre is obtained from the seed pods of the Kapok tree. The fibre makes a naturally silky and luxurious filling that is excellent at regulating body temperature making for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Wool & Hemp Blend – An incredibly resilient fibre, Hemp naturally resists bacterial growth and is very breathable this helps to reduce any nasty odours. This fibre has excellent sustainable credentials and is grown naturally without the use of pesticides at Harrison’s very own farm.
  • 5000 Microlution springs – A small resilient spring made up of a tall mini-spring enclosed within a high density (HD) spring. This spring system contours to your body, with thousands of springs in each layer working to keep your spine in alignment and to help relieve pressure points. The structure of these springs means they retain their height and work against the settlement of your mattress fillings.
  • Cortec springs – A new spring design that’s 100% comfort & 100% recyclable. This is a groundbreaking first, a glue-free pocket spring system. The Cortec springs are smaller finer and more tightly coiled springs. This allows a superior contour accuracy creating tailored support specifically for your shape
  • HD Airflow Springs – These springs work to allow airflow throughout the mattress giving your mattress a more breathable quality. This allows your mattress fillings to stay fresh and dry no matter the season for a more comfortable hygienic sleep. These springs work completely independently of each other adapting to your body’s contours to relieve pressure and give greater support.
  • Posturfil springs – Flexible low height pocket springs in a breathable pocket to enhance ventilation. These posturfil pocket springs react to the sleeper’s movements providing the sleeper with targeted support, and relieving any pressure points whilst promoting correct spinal alignment.
  • Hand Side Stitching – Often used on quality pocket spring mattresses, a cord is passed through multiple entry points along the side of the mattress securing the pocket springs the mattress border. This technique means no bulging will occur and no metal rod will be needed to secure the springs as this can limit the movement of the springs. Multiple rows of side stitching can be used depending on the size and quality of the mattress. This is a difficult technique done by hand and improves edge to edge support.
  • Hand Tufted – Fabric tufts are evenly distributed along the mattress surface, tufts hold the inner loose fillings in position. These fabric tufts help prolong the mattress’s life, making sure loose fillings don’t clump together or shift around.

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