Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Set

Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Set
Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Set
Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Set

Dunlopillo Celeste Adjustable Set

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Good for side sleepers, this is the softest level of support a mattress can provide.


Also good for side sleepers, with a fair amount of cushion


Good all rounder mattress for various sleeping positions


Good for people who change sleeping position a lot throughout the night


Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

Extra Firm

Good for people who sleep on their back, or people who may have back problems

The Dunlopillo Celeste adjustable set features a full Latex mattress made from 100% Dunlopillo signature latex offering a natural and refreshing sleep with incredible support and comfort unlike anything else. This mattress is a firm tension with 7 comfort zones dedicated to providing all the right support in the right places for the best nights sleep.

Along with the mattress is Dunlopillos adjustable base, this adjustable base features wooden birch slats that individually flex to your body shape, weight and movement providing a firm yet supportive foundation to your Dunlopillo mattress. The base also features Individual remote controls that allow you and your partner to adjust the back and leg areas to find your perfect comfort position. This mattress and base provides instant pressure relief and encourages a healthy blood supply to your muscles so you awake feeling refreshed and revitalised.

  • Mattress depth–  21cm of 100% latex core.
  • Mattress tension– Firm comfort.
  • Latex – A natural filling created from the sap of rubber trees, and contains naturally occurring anti-allergenic, antibacterial and anti-microbial properties. The Dunlopillo technique of creating their latex creates an open cell structure that promotes healthy air circulation, natural movement in the night works to ventilate the mattress for a breathable mattress that is a comfortable consistent temperature. The latex is also a great pressure-relieving material with its unrivalled elasticity whilst encouraging a healthy blood supply to your muscles allowing you a refreshing sleep.
  • Durable-Dunlopillo is also incredibly durable, their simple construction of using high quality, robust, natural material means they last for years. This means they will feel practically the same on the tenth year of use as they did on the first night.
  • Anti-bacterial-Natural latex also has anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which makes them perfect for people with allergies.
  •  7 comfort zones– softer comfort zones cushion your shoulders, hips and heels, whilst firmer support zones provide the perfect balance to allow your spine to be correctly aligned in whichever position you sleep in.
  • Actipro™ technology – used in their mattress fabric to eliminate unwanted allergens, reduce bacteria and unpleasant odours, helping to maintain a welcoming and refreshing sleep environment.
  • Breathable– their deepest core is made of breathable, responsive latex with open-cell, ventilating design
  • Pressure-relieving– Reduced effort needed for movement throughout the night, resulting in improved REM sleep.
  • Completely noise free
  • Maintenance-free– no need to turn, flip or rotate.
  • Adjustable positions- It is very important to consider the support your body needs…a neutral position is essential, one in which your spine has correct natural curvature and your head, shoulders, waist and legs are in proper alignment. But with the adjustable base, you can customise your resting position to optimise blood flow, relieve any pains and achieve the perfect sleeping position that’s right for you.
  • Dunlopillo adjustable electric base-Providing optimum style and functionality, Dunlopillo adjustable electric bases are at the pinnacle of practicality, innovation and design. The sprung birch wood slats individually flex to your body shape, weight and movement providing a firm yet supportive foundation, and further adding to the comfort of the Dunlopillo mattress.
  • Upholstered base- Choose from a large selection of quality Dunlopillo fabrics to cover your electric base.
  • Remote controls– These remote controls, (one on each side if on a double or above) allows you to control the fivefold adjustable motors. Customising your head end and foot end simultaneously until you can find the perfect most comfortable sleeping or sitting position for yourself. The remote also comes with a small torch making using it even easier at night.

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Divan Set Type

Fabric (Dunlopillo)

Air Force Grey, Aluminium, Amethyst, Angelic Blue, Atlantic, Atomic, Aubergine, Azure, Bay Mist, Beige, Biscuit, Blush, Boulevard Stone, Bright Silver, Cedar, Charcoal, Cherry Blossom, Coral, Cousteau, Duck Egg, Dynamic, Fine Silver, Flint, Foggy Grey, Fusion, Granite, Grey Dawn, Grey Steel, Iconic Silver, Irresistible Onyx, Lashes Black, Miami Sand, Midnight, Mineral Grey, Mink, Mist, Obsidian, Olive, Pacific, Pebble, Pistachio, Rain, Russet, Sahara, Sea Blue, Silver Fox, Spirit, Steel, Storm, Taupe, Teal, Voltaic, Welsh Flint, Zen Green, Zinc

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