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Prestige Beds Outlines What Happens When You Drift Off and Why You Should Never Scrimp on Sleep

Only after a good night’s sleep do we waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Sleep affects many aspects of our life, from the way we look, to how we carry out day to day tasks to how we feel. Our quality of life is directly linked to the quality of sleep we get. If sleep is cut short, from not getting to bed early enough, or from waking in the night, or tossing and turning, the body will not have enough time to get through the phases of repair needed for your muscles, memory and release of hormones that aid growth and regulate appetite. Sleep deprivation, if an hour or two less that what we require, leaves us less prepared for concentration, decision making and to fully commit ourselves to work and school.

Sleep pattern consist of alternating REM (rapid eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement) every night. This cycle repeats once every hour and a half. As the first stage of light sleep (NREM) eases into stage 2, we start to become disengaged from our surroundings and body temperature drops. This is why it’s helpful to sleep in a cool room.

Stages 3 and 4 and the most important stages of sleep. This is where your body will be treated to the deepest and most restorative sleep. As you experience drops in bood pressure and your muscles and breathing becomes relaxed, your body circulates your blood supply to your muscles, restores your energy, and grows and repairs vital tissues.

After an hour and a half, we reach REM, which should last for a quarter of the night. As well as being the prime dream time (as the brain kicks into gear and our muscles become immobile), this sleep stage feeds our brain and body with energy and greatly impacts our performance the next day. So if you find yourself exhausted, fatigued and sluggish in the morning – you may not be getting adequate REM sleep.

To reach these vital stages of deep sleep you need to ensure your sleep is of the highest, most beneficial quality. If you find yourself tossing and turning, or drifting in and out of light sleep, you may need to consider changing your bed, mattress or pillows. Our bed experts here in your bed shop near Warrington will ensure that your every concern, question and needs are met, by offering personal, tailored advice specifically for your sleeping requirements. We are renowned for a our friendly staff and relaxed, no-pressure approach to serving customers in our 4 bed shops offering free delivery of beds to those looking for bed shops in Warrington, Wigan or Blackpool.

Sleep helps us live more active, healthy and happier day to lives, helping us achieve a healthy immune system, balancing our appetites and regulating hormones. Did you know that sleep helps balance our hunger hormones, so even if we don’t particularly need to eat anything, the body of a sleep deprived person might say otherwise. Feeling the need to eat more when we don’t need to could lead to weight gain that could be avoided just by getting your 8 hours kip!

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The third of our lives that we spend with our head to pillow, much more than being a lazy and unproductive way to spend our days, plays a vital role in how healthy, energetic and happy those other two-thirds of our life could be.