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Prestige Bed Shops UK Examine the Truth Around 5 Common Sleeping Myths

Sleep is an essential part of daily life.  There is nothing better than that freshly woken up feeling which sets you up perfectly for the rest of the day.  During Summer sleep can seem a luxury, as warm evenings steal our slumber and mean we don’t feel refreshed after the night.  We at Prestige Bed shops UK want to banish bedtime blues, so have gone myth-busting to generate a great night’s sleep!


Everyone Needs 8 Hours

Most things that we read stress the importance of getting eight hours of sleep a night, but this actually varies from person to person.  To see how much sleep we should be getting we need to examine our sleeping patterns.  We should be able to drift off in 15 minutes, if it takes less time then we can be sleep deprived!


TV Helps You Sleep

Watching TV or using any electrical equipment just before bed is a way to keep your brain active, so this actually makes it more difficult to slip into a slumber.  Down your electrical devices around an hour before you drift off and you will sleep better.


You Can’t Be Too Warm

It’s lovely to be cozy of a Winter’s evening, but during Summer the cooler your bedroom the better.  Your body needs to regulate its temperature so starting off cool means your body doesn’t waste any time drifting off.


Stay in Bed if You Can’t Sleep

This is actually the worst thing you can do!  It often increases anxiety and lessens your chances of drifting back to sleep.  Instead, we recommend you read for half an hour to wind down ready for a serene slumber.


You Can’t Have too Much Sleep

We are often told the more sleep you get, the better for you it is.  At Prestige Beds however, we know that if you regularly sleep for more than 9-10 hours a night, you are increasing your risk of developing health issues.


Creating the correct sleeping environment is very important to your health and wellbeing.  Sleeping in an old bed or worn mattress can adversely affect your sleep, no matter what you try.  If you have been searching beds in Warrington to no avail, why not call into one of our Lancashire bed shops to see our range of beds and mattresses today!


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