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Prestige Bed Shops Review the Heritage Collection Winchester Mattress from Relyon

If your mattress is a sight for sore eyes without bedding – that is, if you spot pesky lumps, bumps, stains or sagging – this may be a sign that your mattress is well past its heyday, and may not be providing the adequate amount of support. If it doesn’t then what you will want to do is evaluate how your body feels after a night’s rest. To truly know whether or not you need a new mattress, you really need to assess exactly how you feel after a night’s sleep. If you find yourself struggling to get comfortable at night, or if you are waking up tried, or with niggling aches and pains, it could be time for a new mattress to help you get a satisfying night’s sleep.

In this week’s blog we are show casing Relyon’s Winchester Mattress from their prestigious Heritage Collection. Relyon beds and mattresses are staple items in our Lancashire bed shops, comprised of the highest quality materials complete with meticulously detailed styling.

The Winchester 1200 Pocket Mattress from Relyon boasts sumptuous comfort and support from top to bottom.  This handcrafted mattress from Relyon encases 1200 independent pocketed springs and upholstered with luxurious fillings for added comfort. The Winchester mattress has its origins firmly in tradition, being hand tufted and sporting hand stitched borders.

With wound springs made from the finest steel, each individually pocketed spring is hand nested. This lets the mattress conform perfectly to your body shape, taking into account your body contours and weight distribution as it changes through the night, ultimately giving you premium support and comfort.

Luxurious layers of lovely lambswool, cotton, dust free fibres, and a layer of reflex foam give this Winchester mattress the wow factor. We recommend coming along to our bed shops nr Manchester to test out these mattresses for yourself, with quality and softness guaranteed due to a deep layer of white cotton.

The Relyon Winchester mattress is a perfect investment for years to come, as lamb’s wool is a natural insulator, not only does it give you those inimitable of softness, but it also provides warmth in winter, with a cooling effect in the summer – making it a dream to sleep on all year around.

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This signature mattress from Relyon is sure to spruce up any bedroom and will certainly lend a hand in achieving that perfect night’s sleep. Relyon beds and mattresses are definitely a range to be considered when you next invest in your rest. So, if you have been searching the bed shops in Manchester, look no further as these mattresses couple faultless craftsmanship with the finest materials, resulting in sumptuous comfort and support. Come on down to our bed showroom, where we offer beds for sale in Manchester, Warrington, Wigan and further afield!