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Our Top Five Breakfasts In Bed This Valentines Day

With valentines day coming up we have been looking at some great ideas for you to treat your significant other (or maybe just yourself) to a lovely breakfast in bed on the special day. We know how comfortable and inseparable you can be with your new bed  when you buy one, so why not  make the most out of it and cook up a lovely breakfast to enjoy in the comfort of your covers.

We have highlighted just five in this article but if you would like some more inspiration head over to our Pinterest board breakfast in bed for more ideas and recipes we have found.

Have look here for more ideas > https://­uk.­pinterest.­com/­pres­ti­geb­ed0251/­breakfast-in-bed/


Here are our top five...

  1. The hearty one

Looking to make a good impression this valentines day, try cooking up this all in one breakfast that looks simply impressive. This breakfast is a filling and tasty one great for if you have a big day a head of you and want to start it right. This feast  consists of a  tasty mix of potatoes, eggs, bacon, and a mix of herbs.

Image credit http://­www.­

Recipe can be found on our Pinterest page  https://­uk.­pinterest.­com/­pres­ti­geb­ed0251/­breakfast-in-bed/

  1. The healthy one

If you’re the kind of person that likes to eat clean and green, we suggest this lovely sesame bruschetta  with poached egg and avocado.  A poached egg is a healthier alternative to the typical fried egg breakfast and with a bit of avocado  and salad thrown you cant go wrong!



  1. The picnic for two, one.

This one is very sweetly bundled up into a kind of picnic basket bundle. If you aren't much of a whiz in the kitchen stick to what you know,  but presentation is  key!  Try this lovely breakfast simply find a nice hearty granola, some fruit such as strawberries and place them all in nice little box's or trays. We also love this idea of putting the milk and some fresh orange in these glass bottles. Similar glass jars and containers are everywhere in shops at the moment make the most of it.

Image credit: http://­thes­we­et­lu­lub­log.­com/



  1. The unassuming free from one

Who doesn’t love waffles in the morning? If your set to impress this waffle recipe is one to take note off. theses waffles are made with dark chocolate chips, coconut milk and rosewater to name but a few tasty ingredients. They look great and better yet they are totally vegan friendly. So if your other half has certain food requirements or just enjoys tasty waffles this is one to try.

Image credit: http://­localmilkblog.­com

Find the recipe on our Pinterest page: https://­uk.­pinterest.­com/­pin/­605­875­574­658­97141/


  1. The simple one.

This simple recipe is a nice classic one,  it’s a baked egg, with bacon, spinach, and some sliced parmesan cheese all baked in a lovely little ceramic pot. Pair this with some lovely fresh toasted bread and serve it up.

Image credit: http://­www.­the­lit­tle­epi­cure­an.­com/

Find the recipe on our Pinterest page here: https://­uk.­pinterest.­com/­pin/­605­875­574­658­97140/



If you or your partner are a particularly messy eaters, an lets face it there's always one, then don’t forget to protect you much loved mattress with a mattress protector before you start serving up your beautiful breakfasts in bed . We have a great range of mattress protectors instore for your bed protecting it from spills crumbs and anything else you can think of so don’t  miss the finishing touches this valentines day, enjoy!


For more recipes and ideas have a look here >