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Mattress Recommended for Back Pain / Bad Back

Mattress Recommended for Back Pain / Bad Back

One of the best brands we have found to do this are Mammoth. Made from medical grade foam, Mammoth mattresses do a fantastic job of looking after your back. The full range from Mammoth has been designed for one purpose, a healthy…

Where can I buy a Premier Inn Hypnos Mattress?

Have you recently spent the night in a Premier Inn and had a comfier, more supportive sleep than you normally get at home?

The reason you got such a good night's sleep is either due to a good night on the town or more likely, down to their…

Do I need to buy a mattress protector and what does it do?

Why is a mattress protector so important? The troublesome reasons why you should never skip buying a mattress protector, and just exactly what it does to help prolong the life of your mattress. After this you wont regret buying one!