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5 Sleep Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Lie in This National Sleep In Day!

Who doesn't relish a sleep in? With this Sunday being deemed National Sleep In Day there is no better time to set the scene for the ultimate Sunday lie in!

We don't think the dark winter nights are so bad, particularly when they kick off by gifting us an extra hour in bed on October 27th. Make the most of it, we say!

The Sleep Council have found that shockingly a whole third of Britons bag as little as five to six hours of sleep a night. The clocks falling back an hour in Autumn is the perfect time to soak up another hour of guilt-free precious sleep, giving those who normally don't get enough sleep the perfect 7 or 8 hours!

Here are some super sleep tips to draw upon for your epic Sunday lie-in...

1. Swipe off your your alarm, lay off the snooze button, you could even leave your phone in another room. Make sure you eliminate anything that could possibly disturb your precious extra hour!

2. Make sure that any mid-morning light is shut out with heavy curtains.

3. Did you know that even the faintest light can cause complete catastrophe with your body's circadian rhythms – this means the stand by lights on your TV set, the notification light on your phone or alarm clocks. Either face them the other way or turn them off at the wall.

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4.  A comfortable and supportive bed is imperative in achieving the best quality of sleep possible, and our bed showrooms in Lancashire are full of them. Your bed needs to have the Goldilocks effect, not too soft, too lumpy, too cramped or too well-worn – fully restorative sleep doesn't occur in such conditions, never mind achieving a nice, relaxing lie-in. For this reason the Sleep Council have concocted a Bed MOT ...Head on over there and find out if your bed passes!

5. It's not a good idea to drink alcohol the night before you wish to get a full 8 hours worth of deep sleep. Although alcohol may lull you off to sleep initially, it encourages very light sleep with many disturbances throughout the night and following morning. 

If you've taken the Sleep Council MOT and your bed isn't quite up to scratch, we have a huge collection in our four bed showrooms in Lancashire. Plus with free delivery of beds Manchester wide, as well as free delivery of beds in Wigan, Blackpool and across the North West, we're your one stop shop for a better night's sleep