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Last stretch of bed month: Up To 60% Off Your New Bed!

For the last few weeks we’ve sold all manner of things, from whole beds to marvellous mattresses and pillows. Nothing unusual about that perhaps, except for the fact that, in celebration of National Bed Month, our customers have been receiving a 10% discount on their all their Prestige purchases!

March was Bed Month at Prestige Beds and aside from the great 10% discount; we’ve been offering a lot more. It’s been an exciting month and there’s been a real buzz, customers have been coming in the store and shopping online thick and fast, whether they are taking advantage of our unbelievable prices or benefitting from our professional sleeping tips. There is undoubtedly a real science to sleeping and we’ve been giving out some great and effective sleep advice, helping customers get a proper night’s sleep.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that, with March ending on Sunday, there’s just a few days left to get down to a store and capitalise on our sensational savings. First, pop onto our Facebook page to get your hands on a special voucher. The voucher can be used on your smart phone, or if you’d prefer you can print it off.

But this weekend, we are going out with a bang, with a spectacular 60% off selected products! Further more, pick up some bed bargains with our crackiBeng offer of ANY King Size bed or mattress for the price of a double!

Bed Shops in Manchester

Living in Manchester? Need a new bed? Great, you’ve found just the right people in Prestige Beds. Revered for a combination of excellent quality and great prices, we’re unmatched when it comes to beds.

With beds there is no one size fits all, to the contrary, what works out great could be a nightmare for another, that’s why we have expert staff available at all times to give you a helping hand selecting the ideal bed. Our ability to understand our customers is what makes us the first choice of the bed shops in Manchester. We’ll get to know you, your preferences, any health issues, and from that we’ll find you the perfect match, from bed to a new mattress. So why delay? Free next day delivery for our affordable beds is available anywhere in Manchester. Buy today and with our express delivery you’ll be sleeping on your new bed in next to no time.

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important, and with so many of us working from morning to night it doesn’t always leave us as much time to sleep for as long as we’d like. But while it might be out of the question for most to sleep for 10 hours a night, or god forbid longer, what we can do is have a great, comfy, refreshing sleep so that you week up feeling reinvigorated every morning – At least you can when you shop with Prestige Beds. So pop down to see us in any of our Lancashire bed shops this Easter weekend!