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Ways to Stop Your Kids Being Cheated Out of Summer Sleep From Your Bed Shop Oldham

We all know that getting enough sleep increases your odds of living longer and a more healthy life to boot.  But in reality, it is difficult to keep to a routine, especially in the Summer months.  With Summer well and truly here in Lancashire bed time can be an issue.  It is even more tricky where children are concerned, as they would prefer to spend the warm Summer evenings playing outside, rather than settling to bed.  If you have been searching bed shops Oldham wide, you will know how important sleep can be.  This is even more profound for children, as better sleep is connected to higher test scores and happiness.  Here are a few tips to help your child get rest they need.

Children’s sleep needs vary, but the recommended time is roughly 12-14 hours for toddlers, 10-11 for 5-10 year olds and around 9 hours for teenagers.  With increasing daylight and activities continuing longer during the Summer months, these targets can often seem unrealistic.  Us adults tend to be sleep conscious-knowing we need it, and loving being asleep.  This is not the case for children however, who would much rather be out playing with friends and neighbours until way past bedtime hours.

We at Prestige Beds, the go to company for those seeking bed shops in Oldham are well aware that sticking to a bedtime routine can be very tricky.  Eating the evening meal at your regular time is a great way to regulate the evening, ensuring that your children have time to digest tea before hitting the hay.  Any exercise or vigorous activity should be finished around two hours before bed too, as this encourages the body to start to wind down.  Any electronic gadgets should also be banished from bedtime!  Why not try reading instead, it’s a great way to spend time with your little one, whilst keeping them nice and calm, ready to drift off.

Sometimes these tips can be easier said than done.  Light curtains or a lack of air-conditioning can both hinder your child slipping into a serene slumber.  A black-out blind would be a great investment, as the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin needs a lack of light to be produced. 

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There are a few symptoms of children being over tired which we will all have seen.  General crankiness, being short tempered and getting upset easily are just a few of these which we would rather live without.  If you have been looking for beds for sale in Warrington, why not look at one of our bunk beds for your next purchase?  We're the leading bed store for people looking for bed shops in Oldham and across the North West. Our bunk beds combine fun with bedtime which might just be the winning combination to get your child to bed earlier tonight!

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