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Interior Design Corner- Clean And Green

This year urban gardens have inspired new interior design trends bringing the green outdoors, inside. we can see the innovators creating living walls inside stores,  cafes,  and even bathrooms, this trend brings this theme into the bedroom.

Things to remember this year is there are a number of trends emerging, some of which mix very nicely with one another. The mixing of materials is one of these which is why it works so well with this urban garden indoors trend.

By combining  natural wood furniture and the living green plants then throwing in some contrasting geometric metallic furnishings. This creates a mixture of textures and finishes, which is both complementary and  sought after in interior design this year. Items which really compliment this trend are items like glass geometric terrariums filled with small plants. Mixing both natural textures and modern metallic ones. 

We find that by keeping the room minimalist with very strong accessories that portray the trend well works best.  For example having a clean yet bold designed bed in a lovely dark wood, would set a tone for the room nicely. Combine this with natural light fresh colours on the walls such as a washed out apple green and a off white. This will help let the other materials and furnishings really pop in the room. You can also add pops of green in items like pillows and throws with bring out more of the urban garden theme.

Plants are the big factor in this trend so make sure you accessories with plants you can handle. You want low maintenance plants that you don’t have to worry about dyeing because you forgot to water them once or twice. Unless you have a green thumb try not to over do it, dead plants are not the look you are going for here.  Its up to you how many you want to add but we have put together a mixture of larger and smaller plants such as a large potted leafy plants mixed with smaller plants that can be placed in wall pots and smaller glass terrarium air plants.

Think in the terms of clean and green, nice clean natural colours help bring out the pops of colour in the plant life , then add smaller items with strong geometric shapes, these accessories can be things like lampshades and planters to contrast the natural look.