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How To Transform Your Bedroom To Look And Feel Regal.

Its a new year and maybe you’ve been feeling like its time to decorate that bedroom you’ve been meaning to get round to all last year. We know all to well January can be a hard time for your wallets after christmas celebrations, so we have compiled a list of easy tips for you to easily transform your ordinary bedroom into a room fit for a royalty without necessarily spending the fortune.


1. Up-cycle

Buying all new furniture can easily drain your budget, so why not try up cycling a few things. For example, if you have some standard drawers that are still in reasonably good condition you simply give it a lick of paint, a new pair on feet to give it a modern look and some interesting handles. three easy steps to make your old drawers look like a modern new purchase.

2. Dress your bed.

Your bed is often considered the focus point of the room so dress it accordingly. Knowing how to make your bed correctly can make all the difference. Start by having proper sheets for your bed followed by your duvet and then possibly a nice throw to compliment the bed at the foot end. Finish the look with layers of pillows giving your bed a regal look.

3. Add a Canopy

A simple trick to give your room a dramatic feature that looks and feels luxurious. You can attempt a number of fabric drapeings to add a little extra to your room. But theres no need to necessarily go out and buy an expensive four poster bed with a curtain rail and drapes. The internet if full of cheap and cheerful hacks to create your own such as adding hooks to your ceiling or attaching a rail to hang fabric from. This looks can really be the icing on the cake for making your bedroom look truly expensive.

4. suspended lighting

Something that catches the eye and always looks modern is being able to find a lovely light that can be suspended from above. This could be a main feature in the room, or used in a more conservative manner such as a side light or reading light. choose something that compliments your mood and look of the room.

5. Plant it.

Adding some plants to your room has a number of benefits and you can go dramatic or subtle which is what makes it so great. some fresh flowers and maybe a large green plant adds the feeling of freshness swell as creating a calming feeling. make sure you choose a nice pot or vase to hold it in again this can be either expensive or done much cheaper by up-cycling some pots with click of paint.

6. De clutter

By simply getting rid of all that unnecessary junk your room that has been accumulating over the years, your room will instantly look more spacious and inviting.

7. The statement Bed

To really finish off your room you may want to invest in a decent bed. And by choosing a bed with a statement headboard, you can really set the tone for the room. For something that looks elegant and simply regal we suggest something like the Hypnos Hampton Supreme bed. With a tall dramatic headboard and upholstered divan this bed can really draw the eye and transfer your room into a truly spectacular space.

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