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How to Feng-Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng-Shui Your Bedroom

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of balancing energy in a space. The aim of
feng shui is to create good fortune and health for those that inhabit the space.
The Chinese believe that the land is filled with energy, or Chi, and, by creating a
flow of positive energy in a home, for example, those who live there will have
good health and good fortune. Many people follow the Chinese art of feng shui
when they move into a new home, as they believe they will have good luck if they
do so. One of the main rooms where individuals like to create positive energy is
the bedroom, as this is the place in which most will spend time relaxing.

Below are a few tips on how to feng shui your bedroom.


Clutter should be removed from the
bedroom as this can cause stress and bad
Chi. Having too much clutter in the
bedroom means dust and dirt can gather,
which can cause allergies, illnesses and,
according to feng shui, loss of wealth and
tension in relationships. A clutter-free
bedroom will be a happy, relaxing place in
which to spend time.

Bed Height

The height of your bed is important for feng
shui. In terms of feng shui, beds with
storage drawers and divans are considered
bad because they do not allow for sufficient
flow of energy under the bed. Feng shui
energy should be able to flow and circulate
around the body while sleeping.

bed placement

Bed placement is imperative in terms of
feng shui. The best feng shui position for
your bed is diagonally facing the door. The
bed should not face the door because your
feet should not be placed pointing towards
the door or, as the Chinese would say, in
the coffin position. It is considered very
unlucky to sleep in the position of death.

chi energy

Since Chi energy is said to enter and leave
the room through the window, it is seen as
bad feng shui practice to place the bed either
in front of or below the window. The reason
for this is that it can result in a restless
night’s sleep as the Chi energy flows over the
individual – even if you do have a
comfortable Hypnos mattress or pocket
sprung mattress
. It is also bad feng shui to
place a bed along a wall that is shared with
an en suite.

Position of Other Bedroom Furniture

It is important to ensure balanced energy
throughout the bedroom and, therefore, it
is a good idea to make sure that both sides
of the bed are grounded. A bedside table
on either side of the bed with a lamp on
each will ensure balance. This is especially
important when partners are sharing a
bedroom, as it will help to maintain
equality in the relationship.

mirror placement

Mirrors should never be placed over a bed and
should not be positioned directly across from the
bed either. Your bed should not be reflected in the
mirror as this can result in bad energy, and is said
to cause infidelity in a marriage or relationship.

By following the tips above, you can feng shui your bedroom to create
positive chi energy and ensure you experience good fortune, health in your
life and a great night's sleep on a Relyon Mattress or Harrison Mattress.