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Check Out Our Dreamy Range of Guest Beds For Sale in Manchester

If you’re looking for bed shops in Manchester you’re in luck because as Lancashire’s leading bed specialist we have a whole host of hideaway beds available for Manchester clients, so that when you’re hosting friends and family, and they stay over, they’ll have a comfy night’s sleep.

We have an unbeatable selection of guest beds that are available for delivery throughout Manchester. You won’t have to worry about coming up short when people stop over, no more people sleeping on the couch and waking up with aches and pains. Our under and cabin beds are the height of comfiness and with them you can sleep easy, knowing that your guests are also sleeping easy.

The benefits of hideaway beds are immeasurable. When you buy an underbed you’re saving on space, and money. Hideaway beds for sale in Manchester are on the low side in both dimension and cost. If you have guests staying over rarely there’s really no need to buy a permanent bed in a guest room, the chances are it’ll end up being a waste of a room. With a hideaway/­underbed the spare room can double as both a guest room and, say, an office. Hideaway beds are an especially good idea if you have children and their friends tend to stay over a lot.

When a lot of people think of hideaway beds, low priced ones at that, they expect tacky, steel framed eye-sores. In 2013, with Prestige Beds at least, that’s anything but the case. The beds we sell are that ever so elusive combination of style and functionality, managing to look great while being compact.

From wood to painted wood to faux leather guest beds, there’s an abundance of styles available. You can match your guest beds with the design of your room with our selection, rather than settling for a guest bed which sticks out like a sore thumb.

So why waste your time and energy traipsing around looking for beds for sale in Manchester when you can buy a comfortable guest bed from the comfort of your own home from our Prestige Beds website. Next Day Delivery is free on orders over £400, while deliveries for all other orders are £30, or £15 if you’re within 30 miles of our BB1 postcode.