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Great Tips For Your Guest Room This Christmas.

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and many of you will be spending your time with loved ones, maybe having the grandkids stay over, or even the in-laws. In preparation for this we have put together some great helpful tips to make sure your guest room has everything they could possibly need whilst staying with you.

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  1. The Wi-Fi Password.

We all know to well the tedious task of trying to remember your password, or attempting to read it of the back of your Internet rooter in tiny letters every time someone wants to connect to the Internet. So why not make it a feature of the guest room? By simply printing out of the password in a nice font and framing it Keeps it ready for your guest to use no matter what time they realise they might need it.


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  1. Quick Reads

For those guests who love to read, leave them a few short stories that they can easily finish by the time they leave.


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  1. Light The Way

Having a small bedside table is greatly beneficial to your guests rather than having them get out of bed and walk to the other side of the room to turn the lights on or off.


Image source:­www.­blog.­westelm.­com

  1. Layer It

Everybody is different, and whether your guests like to be toasty whilst they sleep or nice and cool you need to be prepared for both. Make the bed properly by layering with sheets and quilted covers so your guest can have any option they need to sleep best.


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  1. Forgot Something?

Nothing worse than staying somewhere and you have forgotten your toothbrush or maybe a comb. Help out your guests by preparing them some essentials they might have forgotten you can pick up small versions of almost any toiletries get a few main ones and keep them in the room for them to use if need be.


​Image source: www.­abeachcottage.­com

  1. Tick Tock

Help your guest get up in time, or even just keep track of the hour with a little alarm clock at their bedside table.  


Image source:­www.­stylemepretty.­com

  1. Thirsty?

First thing in the morning you may suffer from extreme thirst, complete you guest room with a pitcher of water for guests to help themselves to in the morning.


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  1. Plug It In

Help your guests recharge their phones buy setting a plug socket up with a phone charger. Or even having a few different types of chargers on hand if your not sure what phone they have. Its something people always forget so providing some spare will surely help them out.


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  1. Where To Go

If you have family from out of town staying with you why not leave some leaflets of fun local thing to do or see, to help them make the most out of their trip with you.


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  1. Extra Towels

Lastly don’t forget to equip your guests with plenty of extra towels and a dressing gown. These can easily be stored in the guest room so as they know exactly which towels are theirs to use.


Once you cover these entire basis you are sure to have the perfect guest room this Christmas. But most of all make sure you have the right bed for the occasion. Whether you need bunk beads for grandchildren, or a pull out bed for extra room when needed, here at prestige we have them all. So get a great head start with some of these guest room beds.