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Five Common bed buying questions answered

Buying a new bed can often lead to some general confusion of technical words and jargon used to describe beds that is lost on the everyday person. Everybody asks the questions so were going to answer them for you here all in one place to make your search for that new bed that much easier.


What are the standard bed sizes?

Although not all bed manufacturers have to make their beds to a set standard, causing  sizes to vary slightly depending on where you purchase it from. However the following sizes are the most common available:


Single              3ft x 6ft 3in                 90 x 190cm

Double            4ft 6in x 6ft 3in          135 x 190cm

King                 5ft x 6ft 6in                 150 x 200cm

Super King      6ft x 6ft 6in                 180 x200cm

If buying your mattress and bed frame or divan separately be sure to check the dimensions to avoid any problems.


What's the difference between guarantee and warranty?

When you are looking at those new beds with lots of offers and guarantees you should really understand what they really mean so as your not disappointed later on if things go wrong. The two are confused more often than not and  can actually make all the difference so here it is explained.

A guarantee explained in the simplest way is the  item purchased will be fixed or replaced free of charge during the period of time quoted on the guarantee when purchased. This mean if you buy a new bed and a month down the line it some how ends up with a broken draw this will be replaced or fixed free of  charge my the manufacturer.

A Warranty differs in the sense that if you  find a fault usually with in the first year it will be repaired but any time after that it is like likely you will pay a percentage of the cost of the repairs for the work to be carried out.

When buying your bed please make sure the staff member selling you the bed clearly explains the warranty or guarantee for that specific bed.


What is the difference between pocket spring, open coil, and posturepedic?

A common  problem people have is understanding the difference between these different types of spring systems. So here it is put simply.

Pocket springs

This spring system consists of individual springs wrapped in fabric such as calico, these individually wrapped springs are then stitched or glued together allowing the springs inside to still move independently of each other. This helps create a surface which moves independently of each other helping to contour  to the shape of your body and preventing your partner from moving you or disturbing you whist you sleep.

Open coil

An open coil system is usually considered to be the slightly cheaper option here as the spring system  doesn't quite have the same movement in it as a pocket sprung unit. The open coil unit is created my joining all the individual springs together on the top and bottom, then surrounding it by a sturdy frame of steel keeping its shape. These units are usually a bit more on the firmer side.


Posturepedic is a Sealy spring system designed with a spring system connected by a coil which runs across the bed allowing the spring to work like a hinge, allowing movement needed rather than the springs being fixed allowing little movement. The spring system is finished with a rod edge to keep that edge to edge support helping to stop roll off and giving you the full surface area to sleep on even on the edge. This spring system usually falls on the firmer side of mattresses and has been marketed as a good buy for a bad back.

A tip to remember if you have a bad back is firm is not necessarily what you need to ease that back pain, but rather any mattress that you feel supports your weight evenly and correctly releasing any pressure from your back. Always try a range of firmness's to find what works best for you.



How can I get the most out of my new mattress and look after it properly?

One of the best things you can do to make sure you get full use of your mattress is to look after it properly, you can do this few different ways. First of all when you purchase a new mattress you should always protect it with a good mattress protector. When you sleep you sweat a lot and all that moisture will  sink into your mattress if its not protected causing stains. But sweat isn't the only thing that can get trapped in your mattress, dead skin cells is another rather unfortunate thing that can build up over time. This can lead to more serious problems such as bedbugs a frightening thought that no one wants to have happen. The best way to deter this is to simply buy a mattress protector its that simple! we also sell mattres protectors made by The Fine Bedding Company which you can buy here

Another way to look after your mattress is to make sure you make note of if it is a  turnable mattress and making sure those first few month you are turning it correctly according to that specific mattress. When you buy a new mattress with certain fillings you can expect some settlement on top. To make sure this doesn’t turn into a bigger problem such as dips in the mattress you must turn and rotate it properly.

These are just a few ways to look after your mattress but as long as you keep it clean and follow any instruction given to you when purchasing the mattress you bed should be just fine.


What do I do if the bed is faulty ?

If you buy a new bed or mattress occasionally things can go wrong as with anything, and though all our beds are made to best of standards occasionally somethings can go wrong. If you think that in some way your new bed has a fault try not to panic to much. If you think there is a fault the best thing to do is first of all call our shop where you purchased the bed from and explain the fault to one of our bed specialists. They can then ask for some images of the fault to be sent to us so as we can contact the manufacturer of your bed and get the problem sorted. The thing to remember is we do not make the beds personally, we only sell them so be patient with us contacting the manufacturer to sort out your problem, and we will do everything we can you help you in the mean time.


We hope this helps answer some of the most common question asked when buying a new bed or mattress, we know sometimes it can be difficult and overwhelming at times but we are here to help you through it and make sure you pick the best bed for you. If you need any more tips or want to watch some explainer videos you can find them on our website, you can also visit our YouTube channel for reviews on the best beds on show.