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Finding the Right Bed for your Room Size: Ideal for Manchester Bed Hunters

If you’ve been hunting for a bed shop in Manchester  or shops selling the best beds in Wigan that are packed with the highest quality, affordable products, with only the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff, you’ve struck gold with Prestige Beds, the go to company for those seeking top quality beds Wigan wide with our fine selection of superior sleep products suitable for all abodes and budgets!

We have an unbeatable selection of beds and mattresses available for free delivery throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas, meaning we are the go to company for beds in Wigan, Warrington and a wide selection of neighbouring towns and cities.

A new, cosy bed is an integral part of any bedroom interior, but selecting the right size for you room, coupled with nailing the comfort factor, can be a difficult task. Particularly if you are searching for beds in Manchester or mattresses and beds in Wigan and you may be restricted on space. But even with such space restrictions, you need not scrimp on style! In our latest blog, Prestige walk you through five key steps in selecting the best bed for your room size…

Focal Point

The bed is the key design piece of any bedroom, as such you need to make sure it’s placed in the right spot and is indicative of your personality and personal style. Pick your duvet with great care. Smaller Manchester city apartments benefit greatly from a lighter, brighter colour scheme – perhaps opt for creams and whites, complemented by a delicately decorated matching headboard and mattress design. When it comes to bedroom interiors, your bed is the star of the show, and the pathways in your room plus the space you set aside for this piece of furniture should reflect that. With this in mind, be careful to not overpower a small room with a large bed, as this will also negatively impact the pathways and functionality of your room.

Easy to Navigate

Before visiting our bed shop, make sure you’ve taken accurate measurements of your room dimensions, factoring in a good few feet of walking distance around the perimeter of the bed, with at least a gap of three feet to the door. This should give you a good idea of the kind of bed size you should be after.

Smart Storage

If your heart is set on a larger sized bed than you really have the space for, you may want to transfer your affections (and possessions!) to a storage bed. Consider moving non-essential pieces of furniture from your room, to allow for a larger, more luxurious bed – not only does this mean you can keep a cap on your clutter, but it gives you that little bit of extra space and serenity... A less cluttered room will lead to a less cluttered mind, helping you drift off effortlessly night after night.


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