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Find out How to Stop Snoring this National Stop Snoring Week

This week is National Stop Snoring Week, an annual event promoting the awareness of snoring and looking at ways that you can stop snoring. Snoring is an age old issue that people have been trying to cure for centuries, with plenty of old wives tales apparently offering the answer to all of your snoring problems. If you suffer from snoring related issues and are tired of gargling with garlic, eating horseradish and rubbing toothpaste under your nostrils (which sounds very uncomfortable) then National Stop Snoring Week maybe something to check out.

Snoring is described as the sound made by your throat when your airwaves are not fully open. The sound is created by the vibration of tissues and is a result of poor airflow. There are things in our lives that can contribute to us snoring during the night and reduce the quality of sleep. Although these won’t always be the root cause of snoring, following a few tips can often reduce your snoring.

Change up Your Sleep Position

If you sleep lying on your back this can increase snoring due to the fact that your soft tissues will relax and your tongue may fall back toward your throat, obstructing your airways and increasing the chances of snoring. Sleeping on your side will reduce these effects and decrease the chances that you will snore during the night.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can cause your nasal secretions to thicken and become stickier, which is another cause of clogged airways which increases snoring. Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated and keep your airways clear in order to reduce your snoring. It is also important to consider your diet, especially closer to the times in which you sleep, with high fat or rich foods increasing congestion and again increasing your snoring.

Reduce Dry Air

Dry air in your home can dry out your throat and nasal membranes, which can lead to swelling and congestion. Keeping a de humidifier in your bedroom will reduce the amount of dry air in the room and open your airways to reduce snoring.

Get the Right Pillow

The pillow that you sleep with can have a major impact on your snoring. Snoring is often prevalent in people with allergies and a hypo allergenic pillow can greatly reduce your chances of snoring. It is also important to consider the height of your pillow, with a higher pillow keeping you upright and increasing airflow.

At Prestige Beds we offer a range of hypo allergenic pillows and mattresses and our friendly staff will be on hand to offer great advice on the right bedding for you. So, if you have any problems with snoring and are looking buy a new pillow or mattress, feel free to visit one of our bed shops in Blackburn, Preston or Burnley.  

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