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Emerald Jungle- Interior Design Corner

With a new season and a new year fast approaching, we look into the  interior design trends you will really want to know about. We have put together a design example using products from online and on the high-street showing you how to shop this trend and put it together in your own bedroom.

But first  lets talk Emerald Jungle. This Autumn­/Winter  trend prediction has really brought out the opulent and regal  colours to the playing field and we love it. Emerald green will definitely be at the forefront of this trend with its deep and vibrant hue making it a show-stopping  colour to work with. This colour is nicely accented with brassy golds or amber colours, you can also through in subtle bits of black, or deep navy giving the room plenty of drama.

Texture is everywhere in this trend from wallpaper to furniture choices, it's key.  If you can get your hands on a lovely textured wallpaper it really give the impression of a luxury setting. We've opted for a dark and striking botanical look, another big player in this trend displaying the darker side of the jungle making the most out of those rich colours. You can also experiment with some lovely textured throws for the end of your bed and rugs for the floor , velvet fabric is also  a favourite for this look. Think  luxury with a hint of wildness.

The emerald jungle trend sees a lot of elements taken from wildlife and plants found in the jungle. We've chosen some great pieces including a golden panther and pineapple lamp these little pieces play into the theme brilliantly whilst everything still has an opulent feel to it you can arrange these with a few apothecary style candles and antique books to finish the look. Nothing feels shiny or new in this trend but rather aged to some degree.

Let this follow through with you choice of larger furniture, We have styled a large antique brass bed from our own store Prestige Beds, we chose this as the centre piece as its design fits well with the trend, whilst the bedframe is bold enough to  draw the eye, but also not overwhelming when in a setting with so many other strong elements.

This is a fun, sophisticated trend with great Autumn /winter vibes. We would definitely recommend trying it out yourselves. As mentioned previously we have sourced these images in the design example from both stores online and on the high street so all are available for you to explore and try out below is a list of some of the stores we sourced from.

Prestige Beds, Not On The High Street,  John Lewis, H&M Home,,  Anthropologie .