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Do I need to buy a mattress protector and what does it do?

At the end of a long day your bed is your very own sanctuary, with fresh sheets and a tidy room you may think it the perfect sleep environment, but lurking in your mattress there very may well be more unpleasant things going on.

Many people think buying a mattress protector isn't a necessity but leaving your mattress unprotected can cause serious problems for your mattress and its life span.  You spend hours  at a time in your bed every night, loosing hundreds of dead skin cells and loosing near a pint of moisture a night! Unfortunately if you don’t properly protect your mattress this gathers and causes more serious problems.

Protect-A-Bed reports that "Every new mattress will be home to over 2,000,000 dust mites within three months if unprotected." By having a mattress protector this helps keep dead skin cells and in turn dust mites, away from the mattress keeping it a much more inviting and a whole lot cleaner space to sleep in. These dust mites feed on the hundreds of dead skin cells gathering in your mattress. The dust mites excretions also cause havoc with most people allergies. The mattress protector will create a dust mite barrier as well as  a hypoallergenic surface helping to keep any allergies at bay  and your mattress much more sanitary space to sleep in.

Unfortunately that’s not the only problem, with not buying a mattress protector the amount of moisture your body looses every night In bed combined with any spillage of drinks or food are free to seep into the mattress where bacteria can grow.

Simply having fitted sheets is not a viable solution or alternative to buying a mattress protector as it doesn’t protect you bed from this kind of moisture allowing it to seep into the mattress. To put it in perspective  Another report from Protect-A-Bed states that "within 1 month your new mattress will have absorbed over 30 litres of fluid and 60 million dead skin cells meaning fungus and bacteria will already be forming." Mattress protectors help absorb these liquids to keep it from seeping into your mattress were it can stain and begin to grow all kinds of bacteria which can then cause health problems and disrupt healthy sleep.

By buying a mattress protector it can also help towards your warranty as any spillages or staining of the mattress mat effect any claim you try you make on the bed. It will also help to prolong the life of your mattress keeping it effective in giving you a good nights sleep and a hygienic one at that. In short a mattress protector is a great and necessary investment for your mattress. To help you keep yours safe and protected we have a wide selection of mattress protectors in store and online