• opening hours

    Easter Opening Times 2018

    March, 2018
    Be the first in line to grab an amazing deal on beds and Mattresses this Easter. Sign up to our newsletter for an exclusive voucher code for even more...
  • garmin giveaway

    Win A Garmin Activity Tracker - In Association with Millbrook Beds

    March, 2018
    Commonwealth Competition Time! Garmin Giveaway part 2 To celebrate this year's Commonwealth Games we are excited to announce a Garmin Activity Tracker giveaway in association with Millbrook Beds. We'll be giving away...
  • Sleep Deprivation Woman Work

    Sleep Deprivation - Damaging Effects of Being Underslept

    March, 2018
    What Is Sleep Deprivation? Sleep deprivation is a term which refers to your body suffering from a lack of sleep. Sleeping is how your body naturally repairs itself and keeps...
  • Prestige Beds Careers

    Careers at Prestige Beds

    March, 2018
    Delivery Service Driver Job Ref: 0158 Job Title: Delivery Service Driver Contract type: Permanent Contract hours: Full time Location: Blackburn Salary: Competitive Closing date: Close date not set About Prestige Beds Could you deliver a great night`s sleep? With...
  • Keep Warm - Winter-Proof Your Bedroom

    Keep Warm - Winter-Proof Your Bedroom

    March, 2018
    When cold weather bites it's important to winter-proof your bedroom to make sure you keep warm and cosy during the wintry nights. With the recent influx of cold wintry weather,...
  • yoga before bed

    Top 5 yoga poses to do before bed to help you sleep

    February, 2018
    1) Baddha Konasana - Seated breathwork Relieves headaches If you’d like to stretch your inner thighs out bring the soles of your feet together keeping your spine long and your chest...
  • causes of snoring stop snoring sleep apnoea

    What Are The Causes Of Snoring? And How do I Stop?

    February, 2018
    Why Do People Snore? Snoring is an unfortunate part of many people's night. It can be even more unfortunate for whoever is sleeping next to a snorer, as the noise...
  • MLILY Aria Mattress

    Win an MLILY Aria Mattress

    February, 2018
    MLILY Aria Giveaway Would you like to win an amazing mattress made by MLILY, the global partner of Manchester United? A brand that is in the home of each Manchester...
  • Asthma-friendly bedroom asthma

    How To Make Your Bedroom Asthma-Friendly

    February, 2018
    The Importance of an Asthma-Friendly Bedroom Making your bedroom asthma-friendly is very important for anyone who suffers from the condition or any similar breathing difficulties. This is because many asthmatics...