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Biggest Ever Sale: Benefits of a New Mattress for the New Year

With the New Year still ringing fresh in our ears, now is a brilliant time to re-evaluate your sleeping habits. And with our biggest ever bed sale under way, it’s the perfect time to invest in your rest for a well-slept 2014 and beyond!

Sleep experts advise that a new mattress can be a crucial step in ensuring markedly improved nights’ rest. Many people are guilty of keeping a mattress far past its shelf life. Health professionals recommend that a mattress lacking in support, that leaves you feeling sore, achy or tired, should be replaced as soon as possible - treat it as if your fridge or oven stopped working, and make it your next household purchase.

But don't just buy the first mattress you lie down on that feels comfortable (the chances are, any new mattress is likely to feel better than your old one if it's past its best). In our Lancashire bed showrooms there are thousands of mattresses to try out - test a few different types of mattresses, and bring along anyone that may also be sharing the bed with you.

Relyon, Silentnight and Sealy Mattresses for Sale & More

Importance of a Sound Sleep

The right mattress for you will provide a much higher quality of sleep by reducing your tendency to toss and turn in the night time. Moving around in such a way at night disturbs your sleep and will leave you waking up many more times than you can remember. this leaves people with a distinct lack of energy, as well making you feel glum, restless and unable to concentrate.

Back Pain

Mattresses that conform to the contours of the body can help reduce back pain and other physical discomforts. A quality mattress can also help alleviate vertebrae stress. Our range of Posturepedic Sealy mattresses for sale provide an outstanding level of support and comfort, ensuring your spine is aligned for maximum support and pressure relief.

Stress Relief

As well as muscle and back relief, a well-picked mattress will work wonders for the mind. By lowering the levels of stress that are brought about from interrupted or a lack of sleep. Studies have found that participants who are happiest and most fulfilled achieve an acceptable level of deep sleep a night and subsequently feel less anxiety and tension on a day to day basis. 

Mattress Design

There are numerous different types and designs of mattresses available on the market. The mattress materials and arrangement, type and amount of coils in certain mattresses will provide different levels of softness or support. These need to conform to your own body shape in order to achieve a natural spine alignment. Our experts in store will happily discuss the options available to you and explain any aspects of the mattress terminology that you are unsure about. 

Personal Choice

With the above point in mind, your selection of our mattresses for sale is entirely up to your own personal taste and requirements. For example, coiled mattresses offer a superior amount of durability and a firm level of support. Memory foam mattresses are engineered to conform to your body, and are excellent at relieving pressure points in order to provide maximum comfort.

We have an all-encompassing collection of mattresses in our biggest ever sale, with up to 60% 1000s of beds and mattresses. From non-turn to posturepedic to super luxurious hand-stitched lambswool, there's an abundance of brands showcased in our Lancashire bed shops. So if you're looking for Relyon, Silentnight or Sealy mattresses for sale at fantastic prices, head down to Prestige Beds this week!