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Top 10 Shopping Tips as Compiled by Your Bed Shop Manchester (Part 1)

Here at Prestige Beds we understand the amount of thought which goes into purchasing your new bed, so to help with the task we have come up with our Top 10 Shopping Tips.  If you have been looking for beds for sale Warrington wide, and wish to narrow down your search, then these tips are just the ticket!


The Furniture Industry Research Association has found that the attributes of your bed can deteriorate by as much as 70% over a 10 year period.  Considering this, if you think now is the time to invest in a new bed, then there are a few features which you should deliberate over before making your decision.


1.       Measuring up

Whilst this might seem obvious, it is very important to select the correct size of bed for your room.  It can be tempting to want to scale up when you make your new purchase, but you need to assess whether your room will allow for this.  We recommend that you purchase your mattress and base together to ensure that they are a perfect match, as sizes do vary.

UK Mattress Sizes


2.       Best Bed for You

Your bed is likely to take centre stage in your bedroom, so make sure you choose a type of bed which makes a style statement.  We recommend that you consider the current colour scheme and feel of your room.  A small or cheaper bed doesn’t need to look that way, just make sure you accessorise to perfection!


3.       Make Sure the Mattress is on the Money

This is a crucial part of selecting your new bed, as the mattress is the key to comfort.  Contrary to popular believe, the harder the mattress does not necessarily mean the better it is for your back.  If your current bed is quite soft, the drastic change from soft to hard can actually create back pain.  Generally speaking, as long as the mattress you select has a good supporting structure, the portion of padding is purely personal preference.


4.       Shop Smart

There are many options today when selecting your bed.  Here at Prestige Beds we think we have the best of both worlds, as our entire range is listed online for you to peruse at your leisure, but we also have a number of retail stores for you to try before you buy! 


5.       In the Shop

According to the Sleep Council a whopping 80% of shoppers spend less than two minutes trying beds in the shop!  You will be spending upwards of 8 hours a night sleeping on it, so you need to be sure that your choice will create the upmost comfort for you.  When trying out a bed, make sure you lie on it exactly as you would do once you got it home.  If it offers support whilst merging to the shape of your body, you are onto a winner!



Tired of traipsing round the bed shops Manchester has to offer? Pay us a visit!



If you feel you are ready to try before you buy, then why not browse our range online rather than trailing around the bed shops Manchester offers.  Then when you think you have more of an idea what you are looking for, why not head on down to one of our stores and sample the comfort instore today!