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Discover 5 Ways to Get to Bed Earlier Tonight with Help from Your Bed Shops Bolton

We all know that there are numerous health benefits linked to sleeping longer, but when it comes to actually settling to snooze most of us find it difficult to get to bed earlier.  A study done in Japan in 2009 found that male workers who regularly hit the hay before midnight saw a number of health benefits, including healthier coronary arteries than those who were night owls, so grab a sooner slumber tonight!  If you have been looking for beds for sale Blackpool wide you will understand the need for a good kip, so Prestige Beds have come up with five key steps to a serene slumber.


1.       Alarm for the Evening?

Alarms are a key part of our morning ritual, so why not use one for nighttime too?  Starting a regular bedtime trains your body to start shutting off of an evening, meaning that you can settle into a soothing slumber straight away.  You should stop using electronic devices an hour before you want to drift off, as the artificial light keeps you stimulated and awake.


2.       Keep Work in Check

With emails being so easily accessible at all hours, an increasing number of us are working from home, long past office hours.  Leaving your work at the office helps you unwind ready for bed, and even boost your productivity for the day ahead!

3.       Exercise Earlier

Exercise is a key part of a healthy ritual, and actually aids sleep, eventually!  Our bodies need time to wind down after a workout, so exercising earlier gives the most benefit at bedtime!


4.       A Nightly Routine is Best

Getting ready for bed earlier in the evening and unwinding with relaxing activities such as a bath are all great ways to put your body in a calm state ready for bedtime.


5.       Go to Bed When You’re Tired

It might sound obvious, but many of us convince ourselves to stay up way past the time we feel tired.  Whilst you may get a second wind at the time you will feel more groggy than ever in the morning, and much worse for staying up late.


If you are looking for a new bed to put these tips to good use in and have exhausted the bed shops Bolton has to offer, we have a huge range of beds online, all with free* next day delivery!  Or alternatively why not pop into one of our Lancashire bed stores today?

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