Struggling to sleep, Here’s why and how to fix it

A number of people are experiencing increased anxiety and stress levels right now. Worries can harass us, particularly at night when it is time to get a good night’s sleep. If your peaceful slumbers are interrupted, or you can’t get to sleep in the first place, it’s could be because you are stewing on concerns. These thoughts can interrupt your sleep cycle and affect your quality of sleep, leaving you exhausted the next day. 

Am I stressed? 

Am I stressed? Can’t sleep because of stress? What do I do? These are all largely asked questions right now, yet the one common word is stress. And that’s understandable as it can be difficult to fall or stay asleep if you’re stressed out. In fact, stress can lead to insomnia by causing something called ‘hyper-arousal’ in your body and mind. Making matters worse, getting too little sleep can make you feel even more stressed, leading to a vicious cycle of continuous tossing and turning and tension. That’s why it’s smart to take steps to leave any stress behind before you go to bed.

We understand that there isn’t a plain and simple answer to these questions, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many different solutions you can try. Below we have showcased our sleep experts top tips for assisting you to get a better nights sleep.

*Please note if stress and anxiety becomes unmanageable you should seek help, these tips are intended to improve a good nights sleep they are not medical advice.

Put away your phone

It’s easy to see how many digital devices we have circulating us in our day to day lives. But these can be detrimental effects on your sleep. Our sleep experts advice that instead of scrolling on your phone before bed, you read a book in a low warmly lit room at least an hour before bed. This can help lower the blue light hitting your eyes before bed which has been proven to increase serotonin (causing you to stay awake for longer).

Limit your news intake

It’s always great to be informed, but limiting your news before bed could help you be in a better headspace for sleep. Often news can focus on Stories that are shocking or deeply troubling meaning watching the news can significantly impact your stress levels. Higher stress levels mean increased alertness, higher energy levels and an increase in your blood pressure. All of these make it harder for your body to get into a median level of relaxation for sleep. 

Find the perfect temperature in the bedroom

As we cycle through different seasons it can already be a challenging task to fall asleep in more extreme temperatures, and our body needs to be at a certain level for optimal sleep. Our sleep experts recommend your bedroom should be between 18C and 24C to have the best nights sleep. 

If you struggle to maintain this temperature in the bedroom and have tried all other options, changing your mattress could help significantly. Some people tend to be very warm when sleeping and if you have a mattress that retains a lot of heat due to its fillings this can become uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep further. Our sleep experts advise if your mattress is making you feel too hot at night you could change to a temperature-regulating mattress. These mattresses can be found with many different types of fillings from natural fibres (like wool) to gel-infused memory foam. Each type of filling may have different benefits and we advise you to look at our filling guide for more information. 

We Love the Alma Hybrid Mattress a gel-infused memory foam mattress, for those who are looking for the comfort of memory foam without the heat retention, the Alma helps to keep a regulated temperature while you sleep. 

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Go outside regularly

By going outside, you are opening your body up to natural light, which plays a huge role in keeping your circadian rhythm at a median level. By doing this, your helping to keep your body on a natural 24-hour clock. This makes it easier for it to know when to wind down for bedtime.

Avoid long naps in the day

You may find it easy to nod off for a few hours on the sofa, especially if you spend a lot of time at home. But this may be affecting your sleep more than you know. We recommend you keep your naps short and sweet and in the earlier hours of the afternoon.

Ensure your sleep isn’t disturbed

Have you started to wake up in the early hours of the morning? Feel like your waking up with aching pains or just feel an uncomfortable feeling throughout your body? You may be starting to feel the effects of a bad mattress. An old or unsuitable mattress can lose you countless hours of sleep. Most people are nearly entirely unaware it’s the result of a bad mattress until they spend a night away in another bed and notice the difference. But how do I know if I have a bad mattress

– You start to wake up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable or have dreams that involve physical pain. This may be because of the feeling of springs pressing against ur body.

– It takes you a while to find a comfortable position before you fall asleep. This may be because your fillings inside your mattress have compressed to a great amount causing lumps and bumps that make your body feel unnatural. 

– You feel aches and pains in the day, especially in the neck or back. These usually start to occur in the early hours, you may wake up with these first thing in the morning.

If any of these sounds like you, it could be time to replace your mattress.

Not sure where to start? Why not have a browse through some more of our helpful guides, or take a look at our extensive collection of bed and mattresses

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We hope this article has given you insight into some of the common causes of sleep loss, as well as some possible improvements to get you back on track to a great nights sleep.