Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

LATEST: Face coverings now required…

As from 15/07/2020, All our stores now require a face covering to enter. We are providing masks at the doors for those who do not have them to hand but we do advise to bring your own when possible.

For all enquiries contact 01254 681082

As a third-generation family-run business we pride ourselves on customer care and shopping experience. Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak like many others, we complied with government advice to shut all our stores to help maintain the outbreak and ensure the safety of all our loyal customers and dedicated workforce.

Reopening our stores

We have been working hard towards safely reopening our stores to the public again whilst keeping in mind strict safety measures for staff and customers. All of our stores are now open and available for public visits. We ask that if you are coming in stores you abide by the safety measures we have displayed in the infographic below. These guidelines are in line with current government advice.

Our Store Guidelines


We as a business are also taking precautions to keep staff and customers safe whilst in stores. To achieve this we have introduced the following actions in the stores as displayed in the video below.


  • Hand sanitiser dispenser points will be located throughout the showroom and office/staff areas including warehouse.
  • Totem signs and posters around our stores and floor tape highlighting social distancing rules.
  • Upholstery sanitiser with 24-hour protection for customers to be sprayed across the beds each morning & in between any customer use.
  • We will give customers who come in a pillow in a disposable pillowcase that will be sprayed with the upholstery sanitiser which can also be used at customer’s request on beds they want to try for peace of mind.
  • Seating distanced at 2 metres between salesperson and customer(s) at point of sale which will be clearly marked.

if you do not wish to visit either of these stores or cannot make it to one of these showrooms, our website, phone lines, and chat windows remain open for orders as well as any existing enquiries, delivery information, or payment. You can contact our dedicated and fully trained sleep experts during normal open hours on 01254 681082



Our national deliveries will be returning as bed manufacturers will start to reopen from June. This means we are able to continue to trade online and in selected stores normally with all items available. But please be aware that there is a chance of some possible delays with delivery times if a manufacturer is behind schedule due to the covid-19 lockdown and closure of industries. So please be patient with us and our manufacturers we will inform you of any delays if they occur.

Alternatively, if you need something in a hurry you can shop our in-stock selection in the link below these beds we carry stock off and can be delivered to local Lancashire and surround areas at a quick turnaround.

To see our selection of mattresses available for delivery to the local Lancashire area click here >>

Delivery drivers are taking every precaution in terms of health and safety following the outbreak. Including constant cleaning of hands and minimum contact, as outlined above all work areas are sanitised and 2 meters apart social distancing is still encouraged.

We are now able to take your deliveries to the room of your choice if you so wish, though social distancing of two meters must be carried out by you and the delivery drivers at all times. Please be respectful of this. If you do not wish the delivery team to enter your house deliveries can still be dropped at your doorstep.


In this difficult time, we are taking every precaution necessary to keep a hygienic, and safe environment for our dedicated delivery men and loyal customers. We please ask that you too do the same and comply with all given advice from both the government and staff regarding your delivery. If you find yourself unwell and are self-isolating please inform us before delivery is expected. Any other questions or requests please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will continue to do our best to meet your needs.

Stay safe we hope to see you all soon.