Bed Frame Or Divan Base – Which Is Right For Me?

Bed frame or divan base? This is a one of the most common questions we get in-store. The answer is a mix of practicality and preference of style.

Birlea Quebec Bed Frame
Birlea Quebec Bed Frame

So What Are The Main Differences?

Well, a bed frame is a simple structure designed to hold the mattress, and will usually have some space underneath for storage, unless you choose a very low frame. Bed frames usually come with a headboard, and often have the option of a small raised foot-end.

In contrast, a divan base is a solid-sided base which comes in two separate pieces. Storage is still available under the bed, but isn’t openly accessible. Instead, a divan base can be fitted with drawers for a neat and tidy storage option.

Options, Variations & Benefits – Bed Frames

If you decide to go with a bed frame, the first decision you’ll need to make is what material you prefer, metal, wood or upholstered. This is mostly a stylistic choice, as they each have very different aesthetics, but aside from that there is little difference in terms of function.

Once you’ve selected your material, you should consider how high off the ground you want your bed frame to be. Bed frames offer a great under-bed storage option, ideal for storage boxes or keeping your shoes.

However if you are worried about the bed being too high, bed frames can usually be requested at varying heights to suit your needs. This might be a consideration if the bed is for a very young person, or someone who is frail or elderly.

Open-sided bed frames can also be a good option if you prefer to sleep at a slightly cooler temperature as this allows air to circulate underneath the mattress, thereby preventing a build-up of residual heat.

Bentlry Designs Rimini Aged Oak Bedstead
Bentley Designs Rimini Aged Oak Bedstead

Asthma sufferers might also consider a metal or wooden frame over a divan base. They are much easier to keep free of dust as upholstery would need to be vacuumed regularly to prevent a build-up of dust particles or dust mites.

As a frame has slats or sprung slats this can affect the comfort of your mattress. For example, if you want a firm mattress and put it on a frame with slats it can soften the overall feel. Therefore, if you want to maintain or reinforce the firmness of your mattress, a platform top divan base would be the appropriate choice for you.

It is also worth noting that some bed frames are not built to support some of the very largest, heavier mattresses. If you are concerned about pairing a large mattress with a bed frame, get in touch with our staff who will be more than happy to offer their expert advice.

Options, Variations & Benefits – Divan Bases

With a huge number of options available, divan bases are highly customisable and versatile beds which can be tailored to match your needs as well as your personality.

Your first consideration might well be the fabric which you would like your divan base to be finished in. With choices of wool, velvet and cotton finishes, and colour options from across the spectrum, you’ll be sure to find the fabric finish you’re looking for.

Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Divan Set
Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool Divan Set

Your next big decision is what storage options you might want to include in your divan base. You’ll be able to choose between traditional drawers, or maximising your storage space with an Ottoman base.

What Is An Ottoman Base?

An Ottoman base makes the most of the space underneath your bed, giving you as much storage space as possible. Instead of having drawers, an Ottoman base acts as one large storage box which you can fill either with individual items, or with smaller storage containers to keep things more organised.

You can access this storage space by lifting up the top of your Ottoman base along with the mattress and bedding. This is much easier than it sounds, as all of our Ottoman bases use hydraulic gas struts which do most of the lifting for you.

Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed
Kaydian Lanchester Ottoman Bed

Check our this handy guide to storage beds to explore all of the options for maximising the amount of storage you can get from your base.

If you would like to find out more about bed frames and divans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are reachable over the phone or via our Webchat service, or visit us in-store to see our range of bed frames and divans for yourself.