Questions you should ask yourself when buying a new bed or mattress.


So it’s reached that time, your current bed is past it’s day, it’s just not up to the task anymore, and if we’re honest probably half falling apart. So before entering your local bed shop, or purchasing that bargain bed online, here are a few basic questions you should ask yourself  before buying a new bed or mattress.

What size?

This will be one of the first things you are asked in a bed store “What size are you after?” This may seem an obvious thing to know, but people often mistake what bed size they have at home leading a fair few to order the wrong size.

We recommend that you double check your current mattress size. Check for a label or grab a tape measure. If you are not sure on the measurements of mattress sizes we have a helpful article with a quick video here . 

Will it fit?

So now you know what size you have currently, do you want something bigger this time around?

If that’s the case make sure of a few things. Alway make sure you have enough room in your bedroom for a larger bed, and double check you can fit a larger bed up the staircase if you have one.

This is a problem people often encountered when buying a new  bed or mattress thats a larger size than previously. If you think it will be a problem there are still options. For example a zip and link mattress and split base may be a better solution for you. Find out more information on zip and link options here.

Don’t forget lots of brands also have custom size mattresses and made to measure beds so this is always an option if you need something a little different from the standard size. Find out more about custom sizes here.

Do you know What tension you have / want?

Knowing what tension you have currently and if it is the right support for you is key. If you have been experiencing back pain or aching in the morning it could be signs that your mattress isn’t supporting you correctly.

This could be down to the age and condition of your old mattress, or the tension of the mattress isn’t allowing for the correct posture therefore not supporting you correctly.

If you like the support you have currently, make a note of it and let the sales staff know when trying beds. You should always try them out  in store before buying a new bed or mattress, especially if you are changing the tension. 

Do you need a new base?

If your mattress has reached the age of needing a replacement it’s likely your base could too. We understand you may want to save on the cost of buying a full bed set, but if your base is unsuitable it could actually be damaging to your new mattress.

We recommend that you check if your divan base needs replacing, that means checking for any sagging, broken, or missing parts.

You can find all of our Divan Sets here

If you have a bed frame you will want to make sure all your slats are still intact and the frame is sturdy.

You can find all of our Bed Frames here

If you would like more information on how to tell if you need a new base when buying a new bed or mattress we have more information here.

The cost of it all

Sleep is a necessity and your bed is the perfect tool for it, unfortunately the cost of buying a new bed can sometimes be daunting, making the appeal of  unsuitable cheap beds more desirable.

Something to remember when buying a new bed is you get what you pay for.

If you decide to buy a very basic model that has a too good to be true price don’t expect it to last or perform up to the standard of a good quality bed. You may be buying its replacement before the year is out.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend over the odds for a good quality bed, but having a realistic budget for what you need will be helpful.  Sales and discounts are a great time to snatch up a great quality bed at a reasonable price so don’t skimp on quality for price, or it may cost your more in the future.

Move forward with a sensible budget that will allow you the right bed for your needs at a cost you can afford.


So these are the basic questions you should really ask yourself before making a decision on a new bed to help make sure your choice is perfect for you.

If your require any more information on buying a news bed or mattress please call our bed gurus today on 01254 681 082. We have hundreds of divans, mattresses, headboards, bedsteads and bases in stock ready for your to try out and available for quick delivery.