What is a Posturepedic mattress Spring System? – Sealy

what is a sealy posturepedic mattress

The Posturepedic spring system is a spring system developed and used exclusively by Sealy. Although commonly confused with orthopedic, the Posturepedic spring system is actually a patented design. An advancement on the “standard” open coil spring system used in many mattresses.

What are Posturepedic Mattresses?

A Posturepedic mattress is constructed by taking a number of springs that are squared off on the top and bottom. The rows of springs are then connected using a coil that runs the full length of the mattress. This coil then works as a “hinge” allowing each spring to move into a position that suits the sleeper.  A rod, that runs along the sides, is then used to provide a durable solid edge. This provides you with a mattress that conforms to your body much closer than an open coil. They may also remove the feeling of rolling into sleeping partners or off the edge.

posturepedic springs

The Posturepedic spring system is actually one of the most commonly used spring systems due to its owner and developer, Sealy. The biggest bed company in the world.

Posturepedic vs. Other Spring Systems

Posturepedic mattresses are definitely worth considering when looking for a new mattress. They provide many advantages over other mattress types and are very durable. It is true however, that pocket spring systems do have an advantage over spring systems like the Posturepedic. However, not all pocket springs are superior to Sealys patented spring. You should always consider build quality, along with any other individual needs you may have when buying a mattress. For example, many companies now supply pocket sprung mattresses at what initially appears to be a great price. However, what may seem like a bargain, isn’t always. To achieve a low price compromises are usually made in build or component quality.

meaning that what seems like a good deal may not always be. Therefore choosing a pocket spring mattress at a low price may mean choosing one with a low build quality.

posturepedic mattress

To summarise, we would always recommend purchasing Posturepedic mattresses over an open coil or cheap pocket spring mattress if your budget allows it. The firm edge and solid feel of the Posturepedic are very appealing to many whilst the build quality of a Sealy bed is generally very good.

If however you prefer pocket springs and would like to stay with Sealy, their higher end ranges are highly recommended.