Difference between quilted and tufted mattresses

tufted mattress

There are many people that simply do not like the idea of tufts in their mattress. This is usually because they are under the impression that the tufts will cause discomfort through the night. The problem is that tufts are extremely important in many mattresses as they actually hold the everything together, and without tufts the fillings and springs in the mattress would simply bunch up and make the mattress useless. So, what is the difference between quilted and tufted mattresses?

Better quality tufts actually have their hard plastic ends very well protected by felt or wool pompoms, meaning that the most people won’t be able to feel their presence. Many budget mattresses, however, have tufts where hard plastic ends are barely covered increasing the potential for problems. Although sheets and mattress protectors may help, it is a fact that some people are more sensitive than others to tufts meaning that a quilted mattress may be a better option.

Tufts and pocket sprung mattresses

tufted mattress

One type of mattress that commonly requires tufts are pocket sprung mattresses. Due to the design of pocket sprung mattresses, tufts are necessary to prevent the mattress loosing shape and collapsing. It is however quite common for pocket spring mattresses to have quilted tops. This is made possible because of their use of latex, memory foam or a pillow top. This is due to a design that allows the tufts to be covered by fillings.

Quilted Mattresses

quilted mattress

Quilted mattresses provide a sleeping surface with a much smoother finish.  This is possible because the mattress either doesn’t require tufts or its design allows the tufts to be hidden. Many people prefer this finish due to either a bad experience with low-quality tufts or because they prefer the look and feel of a quilted mattress. Quilted mattresses are no problem for open coil spring systems as the tufts aren’t needed due to the spring system being one complete unit.

So what is the difference between quilted and tufted mattresses?

As you can see the difference between quilted and tufted mattresses is mainly down to their internal components. Choosing between the two really depends on your own personal preferences. Many people have no problems with tufts whereas others can’t bare them.  If you need any further help on choosing a mattress, call us today on 01254 681 082 and let us help you make the right decision. We have a wide range of tufted and quilted mattresses. All of which are of the highest standard.