What are sprung slats?

sprung slats

Sprung slats are now used in many wood, metal, fabric and leather bed frames and in some cases even in divans. They have an advantage over traditional solid slat and mesh bases as they provide a more comfortable, mattress friendly sleeping area due to their design.

The slats themselves are shaped with an upward curve allowing them to act like a spring. When you lie on the bed the slats bend downwards and when you get back off the slats return back to as they were. This provides the bed frame with a sprung like base as opposed to a solid, hard base, making the surface more comfortable and mattress friendly.

As they are usually made out of (Beech) plywood, sprung slats tend to be much stronger than most traditional alternatives.  If they are broken they are also much more easily replaced than systems such as mesh bases.

Sprung slats are usually attached to the bed using one of two methods. The first is by plastic caps which slot onto the end of the slat. These caps then attach to the frame via pegs which are pushed into holes on the bed frame. The second method is by means of slots in the bed frame. In this case, each end of the slat simply fit into each slot.

What is the advantage of Sprung Slats?

The big advantage of sprung slats is that they help your mattress with day to day wear. Due to their ability to flex, they act like a shock absorber for your mattress, giving it space to move.

The alternative to sprung slats are mesh and solid slat bases. These tend to be used more in cheaper bed frames and aren’t as gentle on your mattress. Both solid slats and mesh bases can, however, provide you with a firmer bed if that is what you prefer.

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